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Promotional content is our specialty

We follow trends, we have know-how and our own team of specialists, thanks to which we know how to reach your target group. We are very active on and on our profiles on FacebookInstagram i YouTube – we do it professionally and effectively.

  • Our specialization in the field of content marketing are tailor-made promotional articles with strong support from Social Media, video and SEO.
  • We also accept high-quality sponsored articles for publication.

Promotional articles

90 %

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Tailor-made promotional articles

Promotional articles prepared by our editorial office are a solid element of creating your brand image on the Internet and an effective way to reach customers.

Promotional articles at are developed comprehensively: from concept, through creation, to strategy. They are written in the language of benefits by experienced editors and copywriters. They are characterized by a very high stylistic and substantive value, take the right context, are addressed to the identified audience and are optimised in terms of SEO.

As an interactive editorial office, we also manage the technical and graphic side of our portal, so we can do anything you want for you - add special buttons related to your store or company website, paste the logo anywhere, design a beautiful infographic, and even develop a dedicated layout of the article.

Promotional items are highlighted on the home page, in dedicated zones and are published and promoted on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profiles as well as in our weekly newsletter.

We publish promotional articles indefinitely - they stay on forever, which, combined with the activities of our SEO specialists and the constantly growing number of portal users, means that the number of their readers is constantly growing.

How does it work?


Concept and strategy

We analyze the brand's goals and develop a campaign strategy - a plan to reach your target group

Creation (copywriting)

We create dedicated, unique and engaging content of very high substantive and stylistic quality

Publication and promotion

We publish content on, position it high on Google and promote it on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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