Display campaigns

We run banner campaigns in the monthly payment model. We carry out campaigns using the Revive ad server.

Advertising zones on MAGAZIF.com

Strefy reklamowe MAGAZIF

Standard banner sizes


  • Billboard (750×100 px, 70 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Double Billboard (750×200 px, 100 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Triple Billboard (750×300 px, 130 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Wide Billboard (980×200 px, 140 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Triple Wide (980×300 px, 160 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Medium Rectangle (300×250 px, 100 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Half Page (300×600 px, 130 kB, jpg/gif/png)


  • 3:1 Baner (300×100 px, 40 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Middle Rectangle (300×250 px, 40 kB, jpg/gif/png)
  • Large Rectangle (300×300 px, 50 kB, jpg/gif/png)

Custom banners and campaigns

We are also happy to carry out dedicated campaigns - please contact us.

  • Zone H1/MH1 below header on the home page of MAGAZIF.com
  • Zone H2/MH2 below PROMO zone on the home page MAGAZIF.com
  • Zone H3/MH3 in the middle of the home page MAGAZIF.com
  • Zone H4/MH4 on the bottom on the home page MAGAZIF.com
  • Zone S1/MS1 below header of every page of MAGAZIF.com
  • Zone S2 on the sidebar on every page of MAGAZIF.com
  • Zone S3/MS3 below every article page on MAGAZIF.com

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