Live activities

As MAGAZIF, we also act very actively live, offering selected clients a number of benefits

Partner Benefits

Participation in discussion panels

We invite clients as experts to discuss in our discussion panels at such events as Warsaw Home, Home Decor, Warsaw Gift and Deco, Smart Office and others.

Participation in fairs and festivals

We take an active part in design fairs and festivals, such as Warsaw Home, Mood Concept, ŁDZ, GDD, 4DD, etc., and we invite our clients to co-create the exhibition.


We operate close to the business on all its sides. We know celebrities, experts, designers, brand owners and media representatives and we are happy to combine their interests.

How does it work?


Become our regular customer

Feel free to contact us.

Like us and let us like yourself

This is usually the easiest step.

Enjoy the benefits

Take part in discussion panels and learn from our network of contacts.

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